"When you find the cause, you will find the cure”
-Linda Racey Bogle
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"Memoir of a Social Drinker" by Linda Racey Bogle
Why Are So Many People Choosing Not to Vaccinate?
Gut-Brain Connection:
In our environment today we are bombarded by heavy metals. It has never been more important to support the body in cleansing and detoxing on a cellular level each day.
Easy Breezy Periods!

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Gut-Brain Connection
Naturally Cleanse and Detoxify Your Body on a Cellular Level
The gastrointestinal system, also referred to as the gastrointestinal tract, digestive system, digestive tract, or gut, is a group of organs that includes the mouth, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, small intestine, colon, and rectum. The gut serves many essential roles in sustaining and protecting the overall health and wellness of our bodies, starting with the intake and absorption of nutrients and water. It is this digestive process that provides the building blocks the body needs to live, to function, and to stay healthy.
Easy Breezy Periods  

So many young girls and women go through life suffering with painful and debilitating menstrual cycles. It does not have to be this way! If you find the cause, you will find the cure.

Are PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) Symptoms normal?

As a young teenager I suffered with severe PMS symptoms. Back in the late 70’s, young girls were led to believe that PMS symptoms were “normal” and to be expected and tolerated with your monthly menstrual cycle. The only “cure” for these symptoms was a product marketed as Midol. As I got a little older, Ibuprofen products were recommended to help minimize the pain associated with PMS symptoms. From my first period on I suffered excruciating pain, discomfort, bloating and irritableness. I would experience these a week before my period started. My periods lasted at least 7 days and would completely wipe me out. I felt miserable before, during and after the cycle. There were times I was rushed to an Urgicare buckled over in pain. The allopathic medical establishment and mainstream media led me to believe that this was normal. Somehow, this “normalcy” never made sense to me. What I know about the body is that pain and inflammation are never signs of normalcy. These symptoms are signs of an imbalance in the body. Many years later, I would learn that this was absolutely true. In my mid twenties I was blessed to have a friend share with me the research by Dr. John Lee on hormonal imbalances and natural progesterone cream. This information and natural progesterone cream were responsible for the elimination of my monthly pain and suffering from my menstrual cycle.

It’s been over 25 years since I suffered a menstrual cramp, bloating, irritableness, blood clots or any other type of PMS symptom. Once I balanced my hormones naturally, ALL those symptoms went away! My period comes every 28 days and it last only 2-3 days. My periods are so light that I normally use only a pantyliner. This is the way the body was made to function during its menstrual cycle. So many young girls and women go through life suffering from very painful and sometimes debilitating menstrual cycles. It does not have to be this way! If you find the cause, you will find the cure. Dr. Lee’s link is a great place to start.


PMS occurs as a result of a hormonal imbalance caused by estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance can be caused by high animal protein diets and the exposure to chemicals that mimic estrogen called Xenoestrogen found in our environment. This imbalance can be balanced effectively with natural progesterone cream. Dr. Lee’s research on natural progesterone cream has been shown to increase bone mass as well.

Natural Progesterone cream can be found online or a natural health food store.

This is where I purchase mine....